(Catalan) SpeakApps es presenta al IV Simposi Internacional sobre l’Ensenyament de Català

El Simposi tindrà lloc a Vic, els dies 4 i 5 d’abril de 2014, està organitzat per la Universitat de Vic conjuntament amb les institucions i organismes de Catalunya que tenen com a objectiu l’ensenyament de la llengua catalana: DGPL, DGU, Institut Ramon Llull, Xarxa Vives, IEC, CPNL i l’Ajuntament de Vic.

Els objectius del IV Simposi, entre d’altres, és oferir un espai de reflexió i de debat per conèixer la situació actual de l’ensenyament del català i intercanviar experiències vinculades a l’ensenyament i aprenentatge de la llengua catalana.

Christine Appel, directora del projecte, i Francesc Santanach, arquitecte de programari, presentaran el … Continue Reading

SpeakApps Free Online Training Course


post_teacher_training_krakowThe European Lifelong Learning Project SpeakApps is offering an open online training course for language teachers across Europe.

Take part in SpeakApps Online Course and:

  • Learn how to use the SpeakApps Tools which are designed to help students to speak and learn languages online
  • Design, create and share learning tasks to facilitate oral language production and interaction for your learning contexts and language(s)
  • Participate in an online community where tasks are shared and openly available through the SpeakApps Open Educational Resource (OER)
  • Gain a SpeakApps Certificate in Online Oral Language Teaching and Learning

How do … Continue Reading

OER Workshop at APAC 2014, Barcelona

apacConvention2014One more year, the SpeakApps project is participating at the Catalan Association of English Teachers (APAC) ELT annual convention. Celebrated at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in Barcelona, the meeting is taking place from 20th to 22nd of February and gathers together the regional community of English teachers. The APAC meeting motto for this year is English in action 21/7.  Born in 1986, APAC is an organization open to all teaching professionals of whatever sphere or level that offers several support services —magazine, forums, social networks, etc.— to … Continue Reading

SpeakApps in León (Spain)

SpeakappsOn 12-14 February 2014, the INTENT project organised an international conference named “Telecollaboration in University Foreign Language Education” at the University of León (Spain). On this occasion, educators, researchers, mobility coordinators and university management gathered to report on online intercultural exchange projects in universities around the globe.

SpeakApps, now in its dissemination phase, was one of the projects featured in the strand “European projects supporting TC”. The SpeakApps tools and tasks, originally developed for use in distance and blended … Continue Reading

SpeakApps 2 Kicks Off in Barcelona!

SPKAPPS_KickOff_BcnSpeakApps 2 was launched in Barcelona during the month of November. SpeakApps 2 is funded under the European Lifelong Learning Programme, Accompanying Measures and is aimed at developing the oral language skills of all European citizens. This phase of the SpeakApps project will include five more languages; Croatian, German, Romani, French and Spanish. Resources will also be continued to be developed in Catalan, Dutch, English, Irish, Polish and Swedish.

SpeakApps 2 welcomes its associate partners to the SpeakApps community and is excited to be working with them. The SpeakApps … Continue Reading

Celebrating languages & recent news

Celebrate the European Day of Languages today! Do not hesitate to visit the event’s website to check all the activities organized in your respective countries and cities.

We’d like to take the opportunity on such a special day to announce that the SpeakApps project got the Lifelong Learning Programme KA2 Accompanying Measures support, starting this November 2013. We’ll be expanding to new target learners including the secondary school sector and new languages such as Spanish, French, German, Croatian and Romani. We’d also like to extend an invitation to interested teachers and … Continue Reading

SpeakApps in 6 minutes

On 13 June, SpeakApps was one of the projects featured at Spin UOC, an event aimed to promote the transference of UOC’s knowledge and expertise into its surrounding environment. Due to UOC’s involvement in the project — together with the universities of Groningen, Jyväskylä, Dublin City and Jagiellonian ― and the successful results achieved, the organizers invited SpeakApps to be part of the event. Check the video of the presentation below, which follows the Pecha Kucha style to explain briefly what is SpeakApps and what services it may offer. Enjoy it!

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The SpeakApps project in numbers

The SpeakApps project reached to its end within the Lifelong Programme frame. It has been two years of hard work with many challenges on the way but, it’s been worth it!! To this point, we are proud to assert that Speak Apps is:

  • 3 online tools in 6 european languages.
  • 1 working environment.
  • 1 growing repository of tasks for practicing a foreign language.
  • Over 30 teacher training sessions.
  • More than 60 pilot experiences for testing SpeakApps tools with real students.
  • 20 institutions that support the project.
  • A huge community that interact through the @SpeakApps twitter account (almost 200 followers), the … Continue Reading

OER overview

The SpeakApps Open Educational Resources (OER) repository counts with over 200 activities to encourage oral practice among foreign language students. Resources are available for any of the SpeakApps languages, and since the repository is collaboratively built, comments and feedback are welcome.
Want to know about OER in the blink of an eye? Check its main features in the short video below.

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Open Educational Resources

The SpeakApps project has started an Open Educational Resources (OER) repository, where teachers will be able to find a growing amount of activities and experiences to be carried out in their classrooms. Moreover, and since the repository is build in a wiki environment, users will be able to actively contribute to the project by modifying and adapting activities to their needs. For doing so, all you need is to sign into OER through our Moodle platform, which is open to anyone by creating a free account.

When entering the … Continue Reading