SpeakApps visits Southampton


SpeakApps was invited to the Centre for Languages, Linguistics & Area Studies annual “e-Learning symposium” at the University of Southampton last month. The e-Learning symposium attracted participants from all over the world and the SpeakApps was warmly received. Participants at the workshop were able to try the SpeakApps tools Langblog and Tandem and consider aspects of task design for oral production and speaking interaction activities.

Congratulations to the symposium’s organisers for their 10th anniversary event and the launch of their free e-book!

Formation au LANSAD

C’est dans le cadre de l’achèvement de la seconde phase du projet SpeakApps et afin d’en diffuser les résultats qu’une séance de formation aux différents outils a été réalisée au LANSAD de l’Université Stendhal-Grenoble3 le 19 décembre 2014. Nathalie Bittoun, membre de l’équipe SpeakApps, a travaillé avec de nombreux chercheurs, professeurs et informaticiens du projet Innovalangues dans une salle virtuelle où les participants ont testé Langblog, Tandem et Videochat. Ils ont également exploré les possibilités qu’offre l’OER de SpeakApps (REL): le débat et les échanges ont été très enrichissants, et nous … Continue Reading

Barcelona Conference – ‘SpeakApps: Tools and Tasks’

The members of the SpeakApps Consortium are offering a free half-day conference called SpeakApps: Tools and Tasks on 13 December from 10:00 to 14:00 at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans in Barcelona to mark the end of the second phase of the project’s European funding as well as to spread the word about the SpeakApps tools in Barcelona.

Joan-Tomàs Pujolà of the Department of Language and Literature Education at the University of Barcelona and Usoa Sol of the Escola Sant Gregori will begin the conference by giving presentations on the design of oral tasks. Then … Continue Reading

Jornada a Barcelona – ‘SpeakApps: Tools and Tasks’

En el marc de la finalització de la segona fase del projecte i amb l’objectiu per donar-ne a conèixer els resultats, els membres de SpeakApps organitzen una jornada gratuïta anomenada SpeakApps: Tools and Tasks. L’acte, d’assistència gratuïta, tindrà lloc el dissabte, 13 de desembre, de les 10:00 a les 14:00h i se celebrarà a la seu de l’Institut d’Estudis Catalans a Barcelona (C. del Carme, 47).

Joan-Tomàs Pujolà, professor del Departament de Didàctica de la Llengua i la Literatura de la UB i Usoa Sol, profesora de l’Escola Sant Gregori, donaran el tret de … Continue Reading

SpeakApps DCU ag Tionól Teagaisc na Gaeilge

Beidh foireann SpeakApps DCU ag glacadh páirte sa Tionól Teagaisc atá á rith i gColáiste Phádraig ar 28 Samhain. Seimineár náisiúnta is ea an tionól do Tionól Teagaisc 2014mhúinteoirí Gaeilge ag an dara leibhéal. Is múinteoirí iad formhór na láithreoirí a bheidh ag roinnt dea-chleachtas ranga ar an lá. Chomh maith leis sin beidh saineolaithe eile ann a thabharfaidh suntas do shainghnéithe a bhaineann le teagasc na Gaeilge. Beidh taighdeoirí SpeakApps ann le léiriú do mhúinteoirí an dóigh ar féidir leo an leas is fearr a bhaint as na háiseanna agus … Continue Reading

Second SpeakApps Online Teacher Training Course

We are running another SpeakApps online training course for language teachers.

Take part in the SpeakApps November-December 2014 course and:

  • Learn how to use the SpeakApps Tools which are designed to help students to speak and learn languages online
  • Design, create and share learning tasks which can be used with the SpeakApps tools and also with other similar tools, to facilitate oral language production and interaction for your learning contexts and language(s)
  • Participate in an online community where tasks are shared and openly available through the SpeakApps Open Educational Resource (OER)
  • Gain a SpeakApps Certificate in Online Oral Language Teaching and Learning

How do I Enroll?

Please … Continue Reading

SpeakApps at the 2014 Freiburger Tandem Tagung

The SpeakApps project was invited to give a presentation at the 2014 Tandem Meeting, organised by the Tandem Fundazioa and the Tandembüro at the Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg. The theme of the meeting was the use of images in Tandem exchanges, and our presentation showed how the SpeakApps tools can all be used with both still and moving images to promote both oral production and interaction. The participants, all teachers of German and other foreign languages, were interested to learn about the SpeakApps tools and how to integrate them into … Continue Reading

Mit SpeakApps gewonnen


Jedes Semester organisiert die Stabstelle eLearning der Ruhr-Universität
Bochum (RUB) in Deutschland einen eLearning-Wettbewerb, in dem eine
studentische Jury über die fünf besten Projekte entscheidet. Jedes
Projekt wird mit 5000 Euro unterstützt. Der Wettbewerb 2014 stand unter
dem Motto “Come in – we’re open. Offenes Lernen an der RUB”.

Ein Projekt zur Implementierung von SpeakApps des assoziierten
SpeakApps-Partners Zentrum für Fremdsprachenausbildung der RUB war
erfolgreich. In dem Projekt “Spreken mit SpeakApps – mündliche
Interaktion in Niederländisch A2 und B1″ werden die vielen neuen
Möglichkeiten der “SpeakApps” ausgelotet. Die Studierenden
können mündlich kommunizieren und auch ihre Gespräche
aufzeichnen, um sie vom Dozenten kommentieren zu lassen. … Continue Reading

SpeakApps è arrivato in Italia!

Il progetto SpeakApps ha raggiunto anche le coste del sud d’Italia attraverso un workshop tenutosi il 22 ottobre nel “Liceo Linguistico Europeo” di Bitonto, un paese in provincia di Bari. I partecipanti, di tutte le età, includevano insegnanti di scuole elementari, medie e superiori, in prevalenza professori di spagnolo e inglese, ma non sono mancati insegnanti di sostegno per ragazzi disabili. Il workshop è stato sin dall’inizio molto interattivo. È iniziato con una sessione di brainstorming in cui si è riflettuto sull’insegnamento delle abilità orali nelle scuole e nelle università italiane partendo dall’esperienza degli stessi insegnanti coinvolti. … Continue Reading

Teacher Training Workshop in Cyprus

As part of the dissemination programme of the SpeakApps project, Jackie Robbins visited the University of Cyprus Language Centre this week to give two workshops to the enthusiastic foreign language teaching team there. In addition to teachers of English, teachers of Greek, Turkish, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian also attended. The participants took part in activities using the SpeakApps tools Langblog and Tandem, spent time considering task design for oral production and oral interaction tasks in these tools and how to incorporate them into their own teaching context. They also created tasks of their own in the … Continue Reading