Mobile Versions of the SpeakApps Tools

We are pleased to announce the beginning of the pilot phase of mobile-compatible versions of the Langblog and Tandem tools. Our Moodle platform has also been upgraded to a version which is designed to work on mobile devices. At the moment, this means that Langblog, Tandem and our Moodle classrooms should work inside browsers on mobile devices. Browser-independent apps for different mobile devices are also in development and should be available in the near future.

Please note that these mobile versions are in the pilot phase and are in constant development. We welcome your collaboration in this effort and invite comments in our Support Forums.

These improvements are part of the continuous development of the SpeakApps tools and SpeakApps platform. There have also been other important improvements in the interface of the Open Educational Resources Repository, and a new, more stable version of Videochat was recently released.

We invite you to join our Mahara community and let us know what you think.