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SpeakApps in 6 minutes

On 13 June, SpeakApps was one of the projects featured at Spin UOC, an event aimed to promote the transference of UOC’s knowledge and expertise into its surrounding environment. Due to UOC’s involvement in the project — together with the universities of Groningen, Jyväskylä, Dublin City and Jagiellonian ― and the successful results achieved, the organizers invited SpeakApps to be part of the event. Check the video of the presentation below, which follows the Pecha Kucha style to explain briefly what is SpeakApps and what services it may offer. Enjoy it!

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OER overview

The SpeakApps Open Educational Resources (OER) repository counts with over 200 activities to encourage oral practice among foreign language students. Resources are available for any of the SpeakApps languages, and since the repository is collaboratively built, comments and feedback are welcome.
Want to know about OER in the blink of an eye? Check its main features in the short video below.

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SpeakApps Christmas present

To celebrate this holidays season, we are offering you the recorded version of David Singleton‘s lecture Life rather than age: alternative perspectives on ultimate L2 attainment. Professor of Applied Linguistics at Trinity College Dublin, Singleton was our guest speaker inthe SpeakApps event to celebrate the European Day of Languages. Hope you will enjoy it!

The teachers’ channel

teacher_3dAre you a language teacher? Do you usually teach online? What tools do your students use for practicing oral skills? Are you missing specific online resources?

For the SpeakApps project, teacher opinions are of high importance. For this reason, we created Teachers Voices, an initiative which entails the gathering of sample videos recorded by the foreign language community with their concerns, views, resources and complaints.

So far, you can already check the testimony of three language teachers of Catalan, English and Dutch, respectively, in our Youtube channel, or alternatively, at the DisseminationContinue Reading