Second SpeakApps Online Teacher Training Course

We are running another SpeakApps online training course for language teachers.

Take part in the SpeakApps November-December 2014 course and:

  • Learn how to use the SpeakApps Tools which are designed to help students to speak and learn languages online
  • Design, create and share learning tasks which can be used with the SpeakApps tools and also with other similar tools, to facilitate oral language production and interaction for your learning contexts and language(s)
  • Participate in an online community where tasks are shared and openly available through the SpeakApps Open Educational Resource (OER)
  • Gain a SpeakApps Certificate in Online Oral Language Teaching and Learning

How do I Enroll?

Please use this form to enroll in the course.

Course Details

  • It runs from 24th November – 19th December
  • Course instruction will be in English
  • It’s free to register
  • The course is online but there is also an optional face-to-face seminar/workshop in Barcelona (Saturday 13th December)
  • Participation will involve up to three hours a week and will include learning activities to complete in your own time or as part of a small group.

Course Contents

Week 1 (24/11-30/11): Langblog: introduction to the videoblogging tool to practise oral production

Week 2 (01/12-07/12): Task design for Langblog
Tandem: introduction to the content-management tool for speaking interaction

Week 3 (08/12-14/12): Task design for Tandem (in the SpeakApps OER)

Week 4 (15/12-19/12): Reflection, feedback and application to own contexts

For Further Information

Please contact us via email at