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SpeakApps EDL’12 celebration in 3 minutes

On 26 September SpeakApps organized an event to celebrate the European Day of Languages 2012. Our guest speaker was David Singleton, professor of Applied Linguistics at Trinity College, and his lecture was offered via streaming (shortly we will be offering it online too). The event continued with the experiences from teachers that have already used the SpeakApps tools and hands-on workshops to show how these tools work and what are they useful for.

You will get an idea of how the event went by having a look at the short video below.

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Langblog, per a l’aprenentatge de llengües i més

La consultora de català de la UOC Dolors Siles va participar en la celebració del Dia Europeu de les Llengües amb SpeakApps el passat 26 de setembre. Concretament, va compartir amb els assistents la seva experiència en l’ús de Langblog a les seves classes. No vam dubtar a demanar-li que ens en fes cinc cèntims davant la càmera. A continuació us n’oferim el resultat:

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The teachers’ channel

teacher_3dAre you a language teacher? Do you usually teach online? What tools do your students use for practicing oral skills? Are you missing specific online resources?

For the SpeakApps project, teacher opinions are of high importance. For this reason, we created Teachers Voices, an initiative which entails the gathering of sample videos recorded by the foreign language community with their concerns, views, resources and complaints.

So far, you can already check the testimony of three language teachers of Catalan, English and Dutch, respectively, in our Youtube channel, or alternatively, at the DisseminationContinue Reading