The SpeakApps project in numbers

The SpeakApps project reached to its end within the Lifelong Programme frame. It has been two years of hard work with many challenges on the way but, it’s been worth it!! To this point, we are proud to assert that Speak Apps is:

  • 3 online tools in 6 european languages.
  • 1 working environment.
  • 1 growing repository of tasks for practicing a foreign language.
  • Over 30 teacher training sessions.
  • More than 60 pilot experiences for testing SpeakApps tools with real students.
  • 20 institutions that support the project.
  • A huge community that interact through the @SpeakApps twitter account (almost 200 followers), the You Tube SpeakApps channel (25 videos with more than 4.000 views), and this website which so far received up to 12.000 visits and nearly 27.000 page views.
  • Over 7.000 SpeakApps users.

Find out more in regards to the current state of the SpeakApps projects in the following leaflet.

Thank you for helping us to build these numbers!