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Easy videoconferencing tool for language learning

Videochat tool graphics Thinking about promoting spoken language among your students? Videochat is one of the tools developed by SpeakApps which consists of an easy-to-use videoconferencing system designed for the specific needs of small groups work -up to six people-, allowing also messaging and video recording.

You can get more information about how Videochat works in the short video below.

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Try out the videochat tool in the demo version ubicated in the SpeakApps Moodle platform!

Video recording, sharing and comments in a few clicks

Langblog is another of the online free tools developed by Speakapps to promote oral production among language students. In this case, it allows to easily record audio and video blog posts that automatically are available online to be commented either by the teacher or by fellow classmates.

You can find more information about how Langblog works in the short video below.

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Along with other SpeakApps tools, Langblog will be available to be experienced by those attending the local workshops offered on 26 September in all partner universities to celebrate the European Day of Languages. … Continue Reading

SpeakApps docententraining. SpeakApps teacher training

post_dutch_0212Eerder al was er een informeel Nederlands initiatief gestart om de docenten (die betrokken zijn bij de pilots) bekend te maken met het ontwerpen van online taken voor de mondelinge vaardigheden. Op 31 januari 2012 is echter nu de echte online docententraining van SpeakApps begonnen. De docententraining is er vooral op gericht om docenten en docenttrainers vertrouwd te laten raken met diverse Web 2.0 middelen om de mondelinge vaardigheden van taalcursisten te oefenen en te verbeteren.

De cursus bestaat uit vier weken en duurt tot eind februari. In iedere week staat er een onderwerp centraal, zoals bekend … Continue Reading