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Celebrating languages & recent news

Celebrate the European Day of Languages today! Do not hesitate to visit the event’s website to check all the activities organized in your respective countries and cities.

We’d like to take the opportunity on such a special day to announce that the SpeakApps project got the Lifelong Learning Programme KA2 Accompanying Measures support, starting this November 2013. We’ll be expanding to new target learners including the secondary school sector and new languages such as Spanish, French, German, Croatian and Romani. We’d also like to extend an invitation to interested teachers and … Continue Reading

SpeakApps Christmas present

To celebrate this holidays season, we are offering you the recorded version of David Singleton‘s lecture Life rather than age: alternative perspectives on ultimate L2 attainment. Professor of Applied Linguistics at Trinity College Dublin, Singleton was our guest speaker inthe SpeakApps event to celebrate the European Day of Languages. Hope you will enjoy it!

SpeakApps EDL’12 celebration in 3 minutes

On 26 September SpeakApps organized an event to celebrate the European Day of Languages 2012. Our guest speaker was David Singleton, professor of Applied Linguistics at Trinity College, and his lecture was offered via streaming (shortly we will be offering it online too). The event continued with the experiences from teachers that have already used the SpeakApps tools and hands-on workshops to show how these tools work and what are they useful for.

You will get an idea of how the event went by having a look at the short video below.

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Langblog, per a l’aprenentatge de llengües i més

La consultora de català de la UOC Dolors Siles va participar en la celebració del Dia Europeu de les Llengües amb SpeakApps el passat 26 de setembre. Concretament, va compartir amb els assistents la seva experiència en l’ús de Langblog a les seves classes. No vam dubtar a demanar-li que ens en fes cinc cèntims davant la càmera. A continuació us n’oferim el resultat:

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Europejski Dzień Języków w Polsce. Celebrating EDL in Poland

Videochat tool graphics24 września 2012 w ramach Europejskiego Dnia Języków odbyła się w Warszawie międzynarodowa konferencja zatytułowana “Nowe technologie i media społecznościowe w edukacji językowej“. Podczas sesji plenarnej wystąpił m.in. dr Waldemar Martyniuk, profesor Hanna Komorowska czy dr Magdalena Szpotowicz. W drugiej części konferencji obrady toczyły się w pięciu równoległych grupach dyskusyjnych:

  1. Rozwijanie warsztatu nauczyciela w zakresie wykorzystywania narzędzi online w pracy z uczniem.
  2. Wykorzystywanie narzędzi elektronicznych w nauczaniu i uczeniu się języków obcych.
  3. Media społecznościowe w edukacji językowej.
  4. Technologie cyfrowe w kształceniu i praktyce zawodowej tłumaczy pisemnych i ustnych.
  5. Jak uczyć – wspólnie czy … Continue Reading

Find out about SpeakApps tools to celebrate the European Day of Languages!

On 26 September, the SpeakApps team invites you to take part in the event to celebrate European Day of Languages, which will be held simultaneously in five European cities: Barcelona (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Groningen (Holland), Krakow (Poland) and Jyväskylä (Finland). Designed for foreign language teachers, SpeakApps is a multilingual European project which offers free tools and methodologies online to encourage language students to practice oral skills.

The common part of the event for all the cities is the opening speech that will be given by Continue Reading

Endinsa’t en les eines de SpeakApps per celebrar el Dia Europeu de les Llengües!

El proper 26 de setembre, l’Escola de Llengües i l’Àrea de Tecnologia Educativa de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) us conviden a participar en l’acte de SpeakApps per celebrar el Dia Europeu de les Llengües, un esdeveniment que se celebrarà simultàniament en cinc ciutats europees: Barcelona, Dublín (Irlanda), Groningen (Holanda), Cracòvia (Polònia) i Jyväskylä (Finlàndia). I és que SpeakApps és un projecte europeu i multilingüe dirigit al professorat de llengües que ofereix de forma gratuïta eines i metodologies en línia per promoure la producció oral entre els … Continue Reading

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the European Day of Languages!

european_day_language1On the 6th of December, 2001, the Council of Europe proclaimed the 26th of September as the European Day of Languages, with the main objective of promoting the European linguistic diversity and encouraging people, to take up a language, no matter their age. On the occasion of the day, SpeakApps would like to stress the importance of plurilingualism to achieve intercultural understanding and to highlight that our work is devoted to pursue and facilitate this aim. Happy European Day of Languages!