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Redesigning a Swedish for specific purposes course

Traditionally, an oral presentation has played a significant role as part of a language course, perhaps because of its dual role in integrating learning with assessment. In fact, it is often one third of a course that students spend on listening to one another’s presentations. This may be due to the fact that presentation skills have been considered to be important elements for use in demonstrating student expertise as well as student ability in commenting on peer presentations.

In this particular context, the course in question is a six-week course in Swedish. The course is … Continue Reading

The 4th edition of the “ICT for Language Learning”

firenzeOn October, the 20th and 21st was held in Florence, Italy, the 4th edition of the “ICT for Language Learning”. This international conference is oriented to share good practices and promote collaboration in the field of ICT to language learning and training. The SpeakApps project presentation was very well received and many attendees have contacted us expressing their interest. Our intention is to disseminate as much as possible the project in relevant congresses such as this one in order to gain feedback from experts as well as to … Continue Reading

This summer, visit us at EuroCall 2011

eurocallThe next 31st of August, a few SpeakApps members will travel to Nottingham to attend the forthcoming EuroCall Conference 2011 (European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning). This annual event is a compulsory meeting for those professionals interested in innovative research on on-line education and language learning. And SpeakApps wouldn’t like to miss it. Indeed, we will take this opportunity to disseminate the SpeakApps project as well as the most relevant results acquired, so far, during the running of it. Come and visit us at EuroCall!