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SpeakApps Christmas present

To celebrate this holidays season, we are offering you the recorded version of David Singleton‘s lecture Life rather than age: alternative perspectives on ultimate L2 attainment. Professor of Applied Linguistics at Trinity College Dublin, Singleton was our guest speaker inthe SpeakApps event to celebrate the European Day of Languages. Hope you will enjoy it!

SpeakApps EDL’12 celebration in 3 minutes

On 26 September SpeakApps organized an event to celebrate the European Day of Languages 2012. Our guest speaker was David Singleton, professor of Applied Linguistics at Trinity College, and his lecture was offered via streaming (shortly we will be offering it online too). The event continued with the experiences from teachers that have already used the SpeakApps tools and hands-on workshops to show how these tools work and what are they useful for.

You will get an idea of how the event went by having a look at the short video below.

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