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Towards sustainable pedagogical development

Society has undergone many changes in recent years, but according to Jacobs1 education has not been able to keep up. She posits that students feel like time travelling when entering schools, as schools have become distant from the world outside them. One of the reasons for this is probably that not many educational institutions have built a sustainable infrastructure for pedagogical development.

Another problematic issue is that new tools can be taken into use without any reconsideration of pedagogical practices. In this case, the potential of the tools may not be realized, and … Continue Reading

SpeakApps Moodle Platform

moodleA SpeakApps Moodle Platform is already available for users interested in participating in pilots. In the SpeakApps Moodle classrooms you will find the three tools we are developing: Langblog (an audio/videoblog), Videochat (for videoconference sessions with up to 6 people) and the Tandem tool (a content management system for synchronous oral tasks); all three of them can be viewed and used in a Demo course from the SpeakApps Moddle Area.

If you are a language teacher interested in piloting any of the SpeakApps tools mentioned above, send us an e-mail to speakapps@uoc.edu, describing your … Continue Reading