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Try out the SpeakApps tools!

The SpeakApps project would not be possible without the contributions of users like you. To try the tools yourself, first join SpeakApps, which will give you access to the SpeakApps Moodle platform. Once you are logged in to the Moodle platform, under Course Categories, click on the Demo Course at the top of the page. Anyone can register by creating a free account and access Moodle classrooms, where the three tools developed in the project are available. These tools are Langblog, an audio/videoblog for oral production, Videochat, a videoconferencing system designed for the specific needs of small group work for language learning, and the Tandem tool, a content management system for synchronous pair tasks. User guides and instructions are available in the SpeakApps Infoblog and there is also a SpeakApps Mahara community, where you can find Technical Support and a SpeakApps user community for help and ideas. For more information or to request your own SpeakApps Moodle classroom, contact us at

Help us to expand the SpeakApps teaching community!

Are you interested in using the SpeakApps tools with an interface in a language that is not currently available? Help us translate the interface of the tools and we will set up the interface in the new language.

  1. Download the .po file for the tool’s interface you are interested in translating:
  2. Open the .po file with the programme Poedit. This programme is freely available and works on any of the existing OS’s.
  3. Save the outcome as filename_language.po and send it to

If you  would like the SpeakApps user guide (go to SpeakApps Infoblog) to be available in a different language, please send us the translation and we will share it with the rest of the community by uploading it to our Infoblogs.

Institutions Your collaboration is key to spread the SpeakApps tools and methodologies among users. Indeed, if you represent an association, department, school, centre or any other institution belonging to the foreign language community, please contact us at in case you are interested in the project. So far, we can count with the support of the following entities:

Open University of Catalonia:

University of Groningen:

University of Jyväskylä:

Dublin City University:

Jagiellonian University: